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Emerald Fruit Jewellery was founded in 2014.

My passion for making silver jewellery developed following a trip to Indonesia. My inspiration stemmed from conversing with local people about their trade and admiring hand dyed shell beads that were sold on the beaches around the Gili Islands, Bali. I spent time in Bali, Ubud and Lovina, where a friend showed me his Silversmithing workshop and a range of local merchandisers where I purchased tools and gemstones. 

Subsequently, I have spent time travelling and collecting gemstones and inspiration from various places around the world, including India, Mexico, Colombia, Morocco and the USA. I continue to create jewellery pieces with interesting stones that originate from or resemble the beauty of these places.

Beyond my original inspiration, I continue to experiment with a range of semi precious gemstones that are exclusively found in particular places around the world. Ocean Jasper (Madagascar) and Larimar (Dominican Republic) are regularly featured in my designs. 

I am continuously inspired by contemporary artists and architecture and have moved on to also explore sculptural designs in sterling silver, experimenting with textures that replicate natural surfaces.

My jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Nottingham and is durable for everyday wear.